About Us

The South African Blog Awards, presented by CompanyAwards.co.za, is an initiative aimed at celebrating and recognizing the most outstanding South African bloggers. Our mission is to highlight the exceptional talent within the country’s blogging community, acknowledging their contributions in shaping opinions, sharing knowledge, and enriching the digital space. These awards cater to various categories including Lifestyle, Technology, Travel, Food, Business, and Health, showcasing the diversity and richness of content created by South African bloggers.

Participation in the awards is open to all active South African bloggers, with the process including both self and peer nominations. Winners of these prestigious awards will receive a digital badge, feature on CompanyAwards.co.za, social media promotion, and access to exclusive resources. Our aim is not just to award excellence but also to foster a community of passionate and influential bloggers, driving forward the future of digital content in South Africa.

Led by Janine Nel, a journalist with a passion for highlighting remarkable achievements, we are expanding our focus to include the dynamic field of blogging, recognizing outstanding South African bloggers alongside our traditional corporate honorees. Her mission is to showcase the best in the business and blogging landscapes of South Africa, providing insights and inspiration through well-researched, engaging content.

At CompanyAwards.co.za, we are committed to recognizing those who push boundaries and achieve excellence. Our expanded scope includes various categories, reflecting the diversity of the South African blogosphere. We invite business owners, industry leaders, and bloggers to join us in sharing success stories and exploring the cutting edge of business and digital content creation. For submissions or inquiries, contact us at [email protected].